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In the bustling world of music and artistry, the tightrope between creativity and business can be a challenging one. You're not alone in this journey. Whether you need inspiration, skills enhancement, or specific advice, our door is always open. We pride ourselves on partnering with artists, guiding them, and ensuring they always have the help they seek. While you bring your art, we bring our expertise in various facets of the music industry. Together, we aim to make your dreams a reality.

Consultation Services:

Consultations are 60 minutes long and available virtually, or in person in the West Michigan area. Slots are limited per month and start at $100.

Popular Focus Topics:

  • Brand Building: Define and refine your artist identity.

  • Long-Term Planning: Charting your artistic journey.

  • Collaboration Opportunities: Connect and create with like-minded artists.

  • Merchandising: Elevate your brand with merchandise.

  • Album Release Strategies: Ensure a successful album launch.

  • Growing Your Fan Base: Strategies to expand and engage with your audience.

  • Tour Preparation: Get gig-ready with comprehensive guidance.

  • Organization & Time Management: Maximize productivity without sacrificing creativity.

  • EPK Development: Curate an impressive electronic press kit.

  • Sync Licensing: Get your music in films, commercials, and more.

  • Setting Up Royalty Collection: Monetize every play and performance.

Project Services:

To get a quote for your project, contact us below. FYI: Our websites are affordable and customizable! 

  • Website Development: Starting anew or giving your site a facelift, we've got you covered.

  • Release Plans & Project Management: From brainstorming to basking in your release's success.

  • Album Artwork: Artistic visuals that resonate with your music's soul.

  • PR Campaigns: Tailored campaigns to get your story heard.

  • Radio Campaigns: Elevate your music's reach across the airwaves.

  • Playlisting: Expertly curated tracks for the best listening journeys.

  • LLC Set Up: Safeguard your music and brand.

  • Biographies & Press Releases: Narrate your story compellingly.

  • One Sheet Design: Consolidate your achievements impressively.

  • Pitch Deck Design: Communicate your idea effectively.

Booking & Payment Policy:

To ensure our commitment and preparation for your journey, all consultations are secured with a 50% non-refundable deposit via PayPal or Venmo. We encourage you to connect with us, and together, let's paint your artistic horizon brighter than ever.

Consult/Quote Request

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