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My Interests

Just for Fun

Discovering Music

I started playing multiple instruments at a young age and enjoy listening to a diverse collection of pop, rock, indie, and folk music. I'm a sucker for the classics, but love hearing new ideas.

Trails & Lakes

I grew up in a rural small town on Lake Michigan, which instilled a love of hiking, biking, and all things water related. I do not enjoy snow, but love West Michigan summers. 


I started taking an interest in photography at a young age and purchased my first professional grade camera in my teens. Since then, I have focused on capturing live music performances, cultural events, festivals, and portraits. Photography is one of my favorite aspects of travel. 

Vegan Cooking

Due to a health issue, I went vegan in May 2020 and suddenly had to learn how to cook during the pandemic. I quickly realized the activity I'd always dreaded was a fantastic outlet that made me feel creative, supports a positive relationship with food, and brings people together.

Elle Lively violin
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