We have five experienced agents who currently represent over twenty Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois based acts who are available for public nd private appearances. To learn more about available acts, click HERE. Our goal is to make talent buying an easy, streamlined process. We are focused on relationships and working together to make great events happen. 

If you are an artist looking for information about becoming part of the Crooked Tree Creative family, we appreciate your interest. You can apply HERE

When choosing artists for our roster, we consider the following factors: ​​

  • Length of time performing as this act

  • Average guarantee

  • Play history and frequency

  • Tour ready

  • Future goals

  • Existing relationship with one of our agents

  • Genre compatibility with current roster

  • Reputation as artists of integrity

  • Management and team support

  • Social media and streaming presence 

We focus on specific genres including but not limited to: FOLK, INDIE, ROCK, POP, JAZZ, HIP HOP, SOUL, FUNK, ELECTRONIC. 


Several members of our team offer artist management services on a reoccurring, or project basis. To learn more, contact us. 


Connor Curtis is available for general management, tour management, project management, tour routing, tour budgeting and general creative consults.  Connor's background in tour management makes him a great resource for bands looking to prepare for touring full time. Connor currently works with Last Gasp Collective, Biomassive, Act Casual, FlyLite Gemini, and more. Connor is based in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Elle Lively currently manages Scott Pellegrom and Earth Radio. She works on a project basis for artists like Max Lockwood, The Accidentals, and more. She is available for management projects, tour budgeting, and tour management for tours under two weeks. 

Shayla Watson is available for tour and event management when she's not touring with Last Gasp Collective. She is based in Kalamazoo, MI. 


We offer photography services in West Michigan. We specialize in live music, portrait photography, and photo journalism. To get a custom quote for your project, contact us. Want to see some recent work? View the gallery here


Sometimes you just need a little bit of help! We offer 60 and 90 minute consultations that are tailored to fit your needs. Elle offers in person, or Skype consults including, but not limited to the following topics. 

  • Releasing new music

  • Branding 

  • Building a base

  • Touring

  • Collaboration Opportunties

  • Game Planning for the Year

  • Setting up your music business

  • and more... 

We ask that when you book your consult, you bring some specific goals and questions. This will help us cover as much ground as possible. To schedule a consult and get pricing, email us.

EPK & Web Design

If you need a new website, we offer custom websites with a built in  electronic press kit and continued maintenance  Check out some of the recent websites:

Email us for a quote. 


We offer graphic design service for artists to promote tours and upcoming events. This service is created for artists on a budget. Tell us about your project and we'll get a free quote to you. 

Event Management

We offer event planning and management services for live music events, festivals, and private gatherings. Contact Elle for more information. 

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