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My Skill Set

Through my educational and professional experiences, I’ve had the opportunity to build a strong, diverse skill set and certifications that has proven to be an asset in many different situations. Sitting still? Doing the same thing every day? Not in my skill set... Yet.

Read below to learn more.

Event Planning & Scheduling

In addition to planning the logistics for tours with venues and hotels, I have also planned several types of in person events for up to 500 people. During the pandemic, I planned my first virtual event which raised over $40,000 and was attended (virtually) in 18 countries.


Computer is the happy place. Move me on... Adobe: Photoshop, and Lightroom, Microsoft Office Suite: Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word, Microsoft Dynamics, Canva, BMI, ASCAP, CD Baby, When I Work, Tour de Force, Epicor, PipeDrive, Etix... And all the project management apps you can think of.


My favorite part of leadership is facilitation. I enjoy asking questions, recognizing opportunities, and keeping a group on task or topic. This particular skill is one of my favorite roles to play in a group because of the ability to empower others to be heard.


Identifying problem areas or opportunities for improvement is a blessing and a curse. I've had several projects where my role was to evaluate the systems and present possible adjustments to increase productivity and morale.

Point of Sales Systems

I have experience with the front and back ends of Square, Shopify, Digital Dining, Squirrel, Heartland, Toast, Aloha, and Micros.

Crisis Management

I am a calm and effective force in the face of a crisis or uncomfortable situation. I am proactive and comfortable making educated calls. I trust my gut.

Strategic Planning

Looking ahead and asking the right questions are in my wheelhouse. I enjoy detailed plans of action that break down the steps to accomplish tangible goals.

Inventory Management

I have experience ordering, shipping, maintaining, and distributing products internationally.

Brand Development

I use my ability to facilitate, knowledge, and experience to help artists and innovators discover their core essence and how to translate that to the world. I have been consulting with and for musicians for four years on this topic.


I enjoy conferences, trade shows, and anywhere I can turn into one. Meeting new people is an energizing experience and it is easy for me to create lasting connections.

Identifying Talent

I have an affinity for identifying talent whether it be hiring or investing. Understanding people's motivations is a fascinating topic to me.


Nothing is impossible and if plans need to get changed, we change them. I'm all about maintaining the fluidity of life to adjust to new goals or opportunities. I enjoy change.

Web Design

I am comfortable with all aspects of Shopify, WIX, Go Daddy, and SquareSpace, with basic knowledge of HTML.


I began using a professional grade camera at age 14 and never put it down. I focus on event and festival photography, live music performance, and portraits. 

Elle Lively at Earthwork Harvest Gathering
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