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Hi! I'm Elle Lively.

I am a Music Manager, Consultant, and Producer. With 10 years of industry experience under my belt, I founded Crooked Tree Creative in 2018 to provide artists in our community with a wide range of services. I am determined to empower you to achieve your fullest potential. We don't wait for something to happen to you. We make something happen.

My passion lies in empowering artists to reach their goals through strategic planning, artist development, business coaching, and collaboration. From music business consultations to project management, website and one sheet design, and more, I offer a variety of services to help you succeed. 

Let's kill the starving artist mentality and start creating your reality. I live by the motto "ask for what you need" - the best advice I've ever received. Let's make it happen.

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Elle Lively is a force to be reckoned with in the Michigan music industry. Her expertise in tour management spans multiple genres, and she has a nonprofit management background that focuses on education and empowerment. In 2019, Elle founded Michigan Music Alliance, a nonprofit that provides accessible music business education programming and brings Michigan musicians together to collaborate and connect.

Elle's contributions to the industry don't stop there. She's an active member of the Music Managers Forum, hosting the Music Industry Roundtable in West Michigan and serving as a judge for prestigious competitions like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's High School Rock Off, KDL Vibes, and The Stray's Battle of the Bands. Elle also collaborates with Ferris State University's Music and Entertainment Business Program and sits on the Grand Rapids Federation of Musicians Scholarship board and Lowell Arts Committee.  In 2023, she partnered to create the New Moon Songwriting Challenge to encourage artists to co-write with a new collaborator.  She curates Writer's Rounds around the state, female and artist focused networking events, and collaborative showcases in the Grand Rapids area to bring artists together for powerful collaborations.


Elle's work has been recognized by major publications such as NPR, The Grand Rapids Business Journal, and MLive, establishing her as a go-to source on Michigan music. She also puts together an annual International Women's Day collaborative project, and in 2020, was featured in MNSTRM magazine for her outstanding contributions to the music scene.

But Elle's passion doesn't end there. She's the producer of two groundbreaking projects, Decades of Love and Women of Rock, both designed to empower female and non-binary artists through collaboration. Elle manages up-and-coming Americana pop star Kanin Wren and produces her Taylor Swift Experience

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