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Songwriters in the Round: Lane Ellens, Caitlin Cusack, Fay Burns and Clem Turner - 11/4/23

Crooked Tree Creative Presents...

Songwriters in the Round: An evening with Lane Ellens, Caitlin Cusack, Fay Burns and Clem Turner

Curated original music with a focus on collaboration. Something different, every time.

20 Front Street, Lake Orion, MI Doors 7:30pm/ Show 8:00pm ALL AGES. TICKETS ARE LIMITED.

Lane Ellens Lane Ellens, a lakeshore native, has been writing and playing music in Michigan for the past 8 years. Housing textures ranging from hushed Americana to indie stadium pop his work reaches for the universally relatable minutiae of his surroundings. Songs for dim rooms and incense as much as steering wheels and westward motion.

Caitlin Cusack Drawing from her own experiences with a life-changing brain injury and the pain of losing loved ones, Michigan-based musician Caitlin Cusack has discovered a path to healing through songwriting and now seeks to shine a light for others navigating their own darkness with her inspiring and uplifting music.

Fay Burns Fiery, feminine, and fierce - Fay Burns steps out into the solo world with a new attitude and new music in tow. Unlike anything heard from the former member of Escaping Pavement, this new chapter sees her returning to her roots - rock’n’roll (with a touch of indie). Expect an electric and sassy sound on the award-winning singer-songwriter’s debut record due out in late 2023!

Clem Turner Clem Turner is multi-talented artist, producer, and performer. With a background in theater, choir, and jazz band, he pursued a degree in audio engineering from Michigan University. Clem's passion for music led him to Los Angeles, where he appeared on a captivating game show, showcasing his musical talents and capturing industry attention. Returning to Michigan, he co-produced the highly acclaimed "Decades of Love" supergroup collaboration show, featuring renowned artists. Clem is currently working on his highly anticipated new record, further demonstrating his dedication to his craft and artistic exploration. With his versatile skills, unwavering dedication, and focus on songwriting and community engagement, Clem is already starting to impact the lives of many through his love of music.

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