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Music Portrait Project: Elle Lively

Elle Claire Lively Album chosen to listen to during session: Fractal by Yes What does music mean to you? “As a multi-instrumentalist, tour manager, advocate, and avid listener, every part of my life is soaked in music. And I love it that way. Music and I had a rocky start. As a kid, it was a high pressure love/hate relationship that slowly flipped into a form of discovery and rebellion. I grew up in an extremely musical family who prioritized music education from a very young age. Unfortunately, I was the odd ball out who hated performing. As I got older, I realized I could experience a passion for music in my own way. I never intended to have a career in this industry, but this shift in my path is what I'm most thankful for. It has led me to my purpose, which ignites an excitement I can't contain. My passion for music is connected to the people who create it to share their art with the world. I truly believe my purpose is to encourage and empower artists to reach their potential as creators while maintaining a quality of life that fills their personal definition of "making it". I believe music is about collaboration, community, and communication in the most beautiful and powerful way I can imagine. Music is the best community building tool you could ever ask for. The shared experience of feeling is powerful and has potential far beyond my understanding. I love being part of a vibrant, diverse community that continually pushes itself to incredible places. To me, music creates a space where everyone belongs and it finally feels like home. I am so thankful my love of sound has grown in directions that have taken me on incredible adventures, changed my mind, and held my heart. I feel honored to open my ears and continue discovering how music fills my life in unique ways I could never experience without it. So send me your songs!”

The Music Portrait Project was founded by Nathan Purchase with the goal of bridging a gap of intimacy between fans and their favorite musicians through portrait photography. All portraits are shot using 35mm film to keep a sense of raw untouched beauty.

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