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What's Next for West Michigan?

"It’s late summer and the sky is a soft blue over the lawn at Studio Park. Concertgoers sprawl over the AstroTurf and nestle in on blankets and lawn chairs. National touring act, Red Wanting Blue is soundchecking for their show and the Listening Room staff is moving like clockwork around the lawn for one of their many Listening Lawn summer shows.

Elle Lively is the assistant general manager of events at Studio Park and she’s making her rounds to various staff members to assure everything is running smoothly. Lively is also the executive director of the Michigan Music Alliance, a volunteer-run nonprofit based in Grand Rapids that promotes the statewide music scene through workshops, panel meetings and artist resources.

We have a seat inside One Twenty Three in a corner booth and talk about the music scene.

“I feel like Grand Rapids has become a hot spot to attract talent from all over the state, which is really cool. We're beaming with talent and I think the state always has been. If you look at the list of rock stars that have come out of the region, Michigan has always been a machine for pumping out talent,” Lively says."

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